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  • profcarol
  • Art enthusiast I like to travel to places with good art museums and / or places that have working artists and crafts people. Since 2001, I've been to Mexico, Guatemala, Canada, Morocco, Ghana, Cameroon, Indonesia, India, Japan, China, and through most of Europe, photographing art, crafts, and people at work.
  • 64 years old
  • Baxter, TN, USA
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  • stargate1959
  • Site Seeing Enthusiast I absolutely love traveling and experiencing new places. One of my favorite travel destinations would be Las Vegas or Atlantic City because I love to go on gambling vacations but if I had the time and could afford it, I would love to visit Italy, Egypt, Australia, Hawaii, Greece, Alaska, Africa, Israel, just to name a few - as well as many sites within the US I have not visi...
  • 59 years old
  • Charlotte, NC, USA
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  • blains67
  • 51 years old
  • Australian Capital Territory, Australia
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  • remylereve
  • 55 years old
  • Salt Lake City, UT, USA
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  • ladylogwoman9
  • Seacoyote I have traveled more than most people but not enough. I am looking for someone to go to Israel and Egypt with, to explore, and learn. A tour would be one way BUT I am easily one of the most adaptable people to travel with, if someone is as adventurous as I am. Tours charge a single supplement and the Middle East is not too friendly to woman, alone. Therefore, I am sending this out in the...
  • 62 years old
  • Concho, AZ, USA
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  • morjas
  • 43 years old
  • Enid, OK, USA
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  • luvuontop
  • Antarctica anyone? What's not to love about traveling?
  • 44 years old
  • Boulder, CO, USA
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  • condor77
  • 58 years old
  • Albán, Colombia
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  • ponpidopoo3
  • they say this site is very nice so i am here on this site because my destiny leads me here
  • 38 years old
  • Agua, Dominican Republic
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  • rotermarcel
  • 60 years old
  • Linz, Austria
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